Community Management

WindSong members (homeowners and tenants) meet on the first Friday of each month to discuss issues, receive proposals and make decisions.  Many members also meet in small groups at other times to explore issues that will eventually come to the monthly meeting.

WindSong accomplishes most of its community administration, cleaning and maintenance through a participatory Community Contribution System (CCS).

CCS encompasses administration, building maintenance, cleaning & tidying, community relations and outdoor teams.  Members are encouraged to choose the jobs they’re most comfortable with and are expected to contribute at least three hours of labour (or equivalent payment) each month. This system allows us to keep our strata fees low while building a strong sense of shared responsibility.

WindSong’s governance and management requires reliable and frequent communications. We use a community e-mail group for ongoing discussions and announcements. We also have a community newsletter and since we live so close together, there are lots of opportunities for face-to-face communications!

Meetings & Decisions

We make decisions about everything from cleaning and maintenance to security, strata fees and social events. At monthly community meetings we use a consensus decision-making process, rather than the “majority rule” model.

In the consensus model, written proposals are thoroughly discussed to determine if we have community consent. If not we rework proposals to gain full community support.

In the consensus process, some decision-making takes considerable time, but while listening to each other we recognize the value of each other’s perspectives. Our connections are strengthened and we make wise decisions that benefit the community as a whole.

We value the consensus-building process. It’s a critical distinguishing aspect of cohousing communities, and it benefits from the involvement of all members. If you are considering joining WindSong, we invite you to come to a community meeting and observe the consensus process in action. If you buy a home at WindSong you will be expected to attend monthly meetings to help us make wise decisions.

If you want to attend a community meeting please contact Susan via e-mail at