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WindSongers are diverse bunch. What we have in common is that we value community living, with its opportunity to be part of a vibrant multigenerational neighbourhood that reminds many of an old-fashioned village.

Neighbours interact at social events, shared meals and work parties.

WindSong is a community of 90 – 100 people ranging from newborns to the elderly. Our community includes students of all ages, teachers, retired folks, midwives, doctors, architects, actors, musicians, carpenters, retail workers, vegetarians, outdoor enthusiasts, bookworms, coaches, computer specialists, gardeners, writers, electricians, entrepreneurs, bee keepers, a police person, counselors… do you get the picture? We’re a diverse bunch!

The diversity among us provides rich resources and balance in our lives. Every individual brings a unique and important perspective to our community governance and social life.

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