Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

WindSong has a vision and mission that have evolved over time. The organization of our community is inspired by our vision and mission statements and supported by a foundation of agreements. Decisions are made by consensus at meetings — which are often a lot of fun!

Vision of WindSong Cohousing

Our vision is to create and sustain a multigenerational community where neighbours know, trust and care for each other. We do this by respecting the uniqueness of each individual, and by taking responsibility for our selves, our community and our environment. We celebrate our connections with each other and the richness of our diversity.

Mission of WindSong Cohousing

Our mission is to create, build, and sustain a close, supportive community. This community promotes a sense of belonging in its individual and family members, by providing common facilities and by encouraging open communication and full participation. It also provides an atmosphere of safety and respect for the diversity, privacy and uniqueness of members.

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