Welcome to the WindSong Blog

By Maureen Butler
October 16, 2016

Welcome to the WindSong Cohousing blog! This year is our 20th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a new blog and website.

One question I’m frequently asked is, how many people live in WindSong? Right now we have 89 residents, ages babies-80s; we’re truly multi-generational. 29% of us are under age 19, and 25% of us are over age 55. And the other 46% are all the decades in between. Single people, young families and empty nesters live here. You could describe us as inclusive and diverse: we have different religions and political persuasions, different ethnicities and sexual orientations. Our jobs include teachers (quite a few) counselors, mechanic, chefs, office administrator, tech people, fundraisers, musicians, university students, police detective, carpenter, writers, cohousing consultants, yoga teacher, business owners. And a number of retired people who do a lot around here. It’s a vibrant and interesting place to live.

What do we have in common? A desire to know our neighbours, share resources, have fun together and live lightly on the planet.

Visit us often for stories about what it’s really like to live in cohousing.