Little Helpers

When I was in the common house a short while ago, two 6-year-old girls were playing in the dining room (A and B). A asked me to give her a cup so she could get some water. I noticed that the counter beside the sink was filled with used cups, mostly by kids. I asked […]

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Helping Each Other

It’s 11 pm, and my 22 year old daughter and I are in my WindSong living room, packing some of her books for her move to an apartment in Vancouver. We have lots of boxes, but we’ve just run out of packing tape. “Do you think Shoppers has packing tape?” She asks. “I don’t know,”

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I’ve Been WindSonged!

It’s a funny thing to encounter the different reactions people emit when I try and explain what living in cohousing is like. At times it feels like summer camp, with people out and about, going about their co-housy business. At other times, it feels like a cozy village – each unit its own colour, glowing

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The Community Mind

At WindSong, we have a Google Group where we can all talk to each other on email. This is kind of funny, as we actually live very close to each other in connected townhomes. But Google Groups is useful, for everything from “have you seen my kid’s green runners size 12?” to “anyone want to

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