Growing Up in WindSong

I moved to WindSong with my husband and daughter in the summer of 1996. At that time our daughter was just two and a half, shy and clingy. The little girl in the unit next door was exactly the same age, and they became friends. Over the next year, a group of WindSong children ages two to seven began to play together in the large playroom in the common house. They roamed around the common spaces and atriums, making their own fun. We shared childcare with the family next door, and as our children grew, we offered activities: “Who wants to go to soccer?” “Swimming lessons?” “Ballet?” “Karate?” Two to four children from different families would be interested. And we could share the driving! It was quite amusing when I would show up at swimming lessons with four children in tow, none of whom looked like each other. Other parents would ask, “are they all yours?”

We carpooled our gang of kids to the renowned Langley Fine Arts School for many years, again sharing the driving. My daughter and her best friend shared Friends TV episodes, backyard camping, even trips to Vancouver Island and Disneyland. Teachers told us that the WindSong kids were great at solving conflicts on the school playground.

Our children, now grown, have spread their wings and moved away. Now we have a second generation of WindSong kids of varying ages playing with each other. My daughter and her friend lead separate lives, but like sisters, they have each other’s back. As my daughter left for university in 2011, she said “this was a great place to grow up.”

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