Little Helpers

When I was in the common house a short while ago, two 6-year-old girls were playing in the dining room (A and B).

A asked me to give her a cup so she could get some water.

I noticed that the counter beside the sink was filled with used cups, mostly by kids.
I asked the girls if I could show them how to clean the dishes. They said yes.

While A washed, B rinsed. And B could only use one arm because the other was still in a cast.

“This is fun,” A said.

After they washed the plastic cups, they agreed to wash one glass and some big ceramic cups as well.

I dried and put the dishes away.

And then the girls went off to play. Within one minute they were back.

“Can we wash some more dishes?” B asked.

“Maybe later, after the party gets going,” I said. “I’m sure you can help out then.”

Living in WindSong offers so many delightful opportunities to interact, to learn AND to get things done.

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