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WindSong Marks Its 10th Anniversary

By The Langley Times
July 21, 2006

The first architecturally-designed cohousing community in Canada, WindSong Cohousing of Walnut Grove, marks its 10th anniversary on Sunday. WindSong Cohousing is situated on six acres, with a salmon stream protected on four acres of the property. These environmental aspects are some of the reasons for WindSong... Read More

So Happy Together: A Cohousing Story

By Georgia Doerksen, SFU Peak
June 2, 2003

I first discovered cohousing when it was already too late. I had already bought my leaky condominium. When I responded to a cohousing advertisement in the Shared Vision magazine, I immediately connected with the stranger on the other end of the phone - Alan Carpenter from the Canadian Cohousing Network (CCN). Both... Read More

Living in Community

By Gerry Kilgannon and Val McIntyre
April 1, 2003

Several years ago, a group of people from different walks of life with no building experience formed a development company to oversee the design, financing, and construction of a five million dollar cohousing project in Burnaby. The result was Cranberry Commons, an urban village built to meet its residents’... Read More

Living in Harmony

By Guy Dauncey, Common Ground
April 1, 2003

There may be war in Iraq, global warming all around us, and cruel poverty that persists in the world’s most prosperous nations and yet amid it all, we have to go on living. For as long as we have been mammals, humans have lived in close, neighbourly, mammalian villages, helping and supporting each other through... Read More

Going Green In The Burbs

By Bruce McDougall, Canadian Geographic
January 1, 2003

ALAN CARPENTER HAD BEEN A BUILDER and developer in Vancouver for more than a decade when he decided in the early 1990s to pursue "a better way to live." The now 54-year-old native of Grande Prairie, Alta., envis-aged a community in which the residents themselves made all the important decisions, from where to... Read More

Building The Dream

By CBC Ideas
April 15, 2002

Imagine a community that’s designed by the people who live there. Where residents live in the privacy of their own homes but gather in the community’s common house to share meals and socialize several nights a week. Where all decisions are made by consensus. Where children roam freely under the watchful eye... Read More

Communes for the middle class

By Shannon McKinnon, National Post
February 16, 2002

On the West Coast of Canada, 100 people live together and share their cars, meals, chores, an organic vegetable garden, child care and holidays. They live on six acres of land (which they purchased together) in beautiful Langley, B.C., and have designed their own neighbourhood (which they all collaborated on). If... Read More

Happy Together

By Lisa Smedman, The Vancouver Courier
November 21, 2001

To own your own home is the North American dream.  But all too often it comes with a price: isolation. Ask the average suburban homeowner about the folks next door, and frequently they won't even know their neighbours' first names. Now imagine a community where everyone knows not just the people next door, but... Read More

Under One Roof

By Beth Grubb and Chuck Luce, Swarthmore College Bullitin
September 1, 1997

Drive up to it unaware, and you'd have a hard time distinguishing WindSong from any of the other upscale condominium complexes in the Walnut Grove section of Langley, British Columbia. Here, developments with names like Chelsea Garden and Derby Hills spring from the earth like two-story, picture-windowed cash... Read More