Our First Week in WindSong

One week into our cohousing adventure, and so far it feels like we have made the right decision for our family.

Jon was out for meetings Wednesday afternoon and evening. Usually his evenings out invoke anxiety and stress in me as I picture having to do the ‘grumpy hours’ with my kids alone. But not this week.

After naps we went out to the common house where we were joined by a number of other families with young kids. Lexi, our 3-year-old, spent a couple of hours playing in the playroom with other kids and burnt off lots of her crazy energy. Lochlan, our 9-month-old, played too and is a hit with the many preteen girls here. After playing we brought our dinner down to the dining hall and ate with a group having a potluck.

Friday night we stumbled upon a small group of people playing music in the media room. They invited us in and asked Lexi if she wanted to sing with them. She immediately jumped up and declared she had to get her ukulele. She came back and played and sang while Lochlan pounded on a drum and ‘sang’ and danced along.

Lexi has made lots of friends here. There are 4 toddlers, 3 preschoolers, 4 primary grade kids, 10 preteens, and 6 teenagers.

Jon was out again tonight. After an hour and half or so of playing in the common house, I needed to come home and make dinner. Lexi and her little friends all congregated at the play kitchen in the atrium outside our house.

Plenty of opportunity for social interaction when we want it. And at the same time, we can come into our house, close the door, and it’s completely private just like any other house would be.

So yes, one week in and I do think this was a good choice.

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