The Community Mind

At WindSong, we have a Google Group where we can all talk to each other on email. This is kind of funny, as we actually live very close to each other in connected townhomes. But Google Groups is useful, for everything from “have you seen my kid’s green runners size 12?” to “anyone want to go to a 7pm movie tonight?”

We also get into headier discussions on Google Groups: the environment, politics, the economy, parenting, philosophy. One of the best uses is probing the “community mind” for information. Over the years, I’ve seen the following email requests:

  • Can anyone recommend a good GP in the area?
  • I’m looking for a local physiotherapist. Who do you go to?
  • I’m thinking of changing my insurance provider. Who do you use?
  • Has anyone replaced their window blinds?
  • Who is a good local mechanic who won’t rip me off?
  • Where can I get a new stove without paying an arm and a leg?
  • I’m planning a trip to the canyons in Utah. Has anyone done that? Any info welcome.
  • Can you recommend a good financial advisor?

The other night, my neighbour sent this email out to all of WindSong:

My son lost two teeth today. All I have is a $20. Does anybody have change? 5’s or 10’s?

A few minutes later, he sent this response:

Thanks everyone-all sorted out. Very grateful for the responses!

The quick help from WindSongers is invaluable, and the tooth fairy is a fast email responder!!

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